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Promised land lag ?


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Right i dont know if this has been posted before but if it has im sorry ....

just watched a episode of attack of the b team by GenerikB and he went into the Promised land and had no lag at all and mentioned if anybody has bad crazy lag when they go in there its because pixies DONT 

Despawn so a line of code to sort this out 

/cofh killall pixie

 im unsure if you need OP to do this as i am owner of my server and just did this in my promised land to EXTERMINATE 5909 of the little buggers 

Now promised land NO LAG Dont thank me just go kill pixies 

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The promised land will also have lag spikes when generating chunks because Minecarft sucks at generating skylands.

It kinda sucks the mod creator of Biomes'O'Plenty didn't have a "pixie spawn rate" setting in the config file.

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