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Possible mod that could be added to the pack


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I recently found a very interesting mod called Metaworlds Mod. It has a lot of great feature and some are a step up from the archimedes ship mod. This could add some amazing creations to our worlds like giant floating cities that could move when ever you want or giant airships.I have seen and played this in multiplayer so it might not be overly hard to add the mod to the pack. I will leave the mod's website below as well as video of the mod being used in multiplayer with many other mods loaded along side it.


Mod website:



Video of multiplayer use:

Part 1: 


Part 2:

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I also agree with all of you above, though, there isn't a mod in the world without some bug or problem.

Now, compare Archimedes Ships and Metaworlds, AC gets stuck and is typically a miniature version of metaworlds, where as metaworlds has more bugs but much more features and content.

Maybe it will be put in (Awesome name upcoming) : Return of the B-Team?


Edit: AC just crashed my game!!!

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Nah, they're completely different approaches - AS encodes the ship into a solid entity which it can then use (in theory) to interact with the environment and calculate things like displacement (in theory, this has never worked right either) to give ships a proper draft rather than sitting on the surface.


Metaworlds makes a mini second world that it keeps loaded (which adds to the resources but not in a big way, each player would have up to double the chunks loaded), it could get bad if you had a lot of ships in one place or a lot of players with ships spread out.  They found a way for it to be seen in the overworld, so they may find a way to make it collide, but that remains to be seen.


I don't think the griefing issue is minor either - imagine making a ship that's just a massive cube of flying obsidian with you on top.  Whatever the player does (even underground bases if you knew right where it was and there was an air pocket for you personally above your victim) you'd be able to drop your big cube on them whenever you felt like it and there'd be not a lot they could do but suffocate while trying to break obsidian blocks they couldn't even see was obsidian in advance - "it's the easy to build, can come out of nowhere, almost no chance to avoid or defend against even if prepared" nature of this that I don't like.  You could be sitting in your base, then dirt texture, then suffocating having no idea what's going on.

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this is great and all, but then attack of the b-team has to remove some mods like tropicraft! and maybe they can try to make it work whith those mods, but that would cost weeks or months because you probaly have to rewrite ALOT

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