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Do Microblocks work with Archimedes' Ships?


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  • 2 months later...

I tested it out in a creative world, doesn't seem to work. The microblocks just vanished. 

Other things that didn't work are: paintings, itemframes, portal modifier block


Things that DID work: bibliocraft stuff, storage crates, cardboard boxes, signs.


Best thing you can do is just try things out in a creative world. 

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Chimneyswift had a problem with something on his ship, I think it was so bad they had to delete the whole thing or it crashed and deleted itself. So, yeah, test everything in a creative world you don't care about first, as it may make the world unplayable.

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No carpenters blocks, no microblocks (it should remove them when it creates the movable ship but it will connect through them to other blocks so be careful), generally no entities (there are a few exceptions).

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