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What is everyone up to? Share your progress!


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I'm just curious about what everyone is doing in AotBT. Just post what mods you've started, what you want to start, and your progression of the mod.

Also, post screenshots of your base or something you've encountered! It can help give other inspiration and allows you to show off something neat you've seen.


For me, I've made a good deal of progress through Tinkers' Construct, MineFactory Reloaded, Advanced Genetics and Thermal Expansion. I am looking to get started on Galacticraft really soon, and Witchery after that.


For Tinkers' Construct I've got what I'm assuming most have: Cleaver, Battleaxe, Hammer, Pickaxe, Shovel and Lumber Axe.


In Advanced Genetics I've injected the Teleporter, Fly, Keep your inventory, No-fall, Speed, Jump, Avoid Creepers and Lava Swim genes.

Recently I obtained 4 Resonant Strongboxes, which have proven to be helpful.


And if you've found a Full Guard from a village for Tinkers' Construct you should create a Manyullyn Cutlass with a paper tool rod, give it Auto Repair and max out Sharpness. That kinda thing can 1 hit a Creeper, Skeleton, Zombie, Spider, Blaze, etc, etc.

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Tinker's Construct: full dmg exo-armor, best tools (in my opinion) for each area

Advanced Genetics: all of the beneficial genes, minus the ones that don't go well with others such as Climb/Jump if you have Fly

MineFactory: although I don't have some of the things you can create such as an animal farm set up as I didn't see a need, I can easily build them

Thermal Expansion: I've reached Resonant tier in basically everything and have a non-buggy infinite energy source as well as a system of tesseracts that minimize space

Witchery: I have done basically everything except for going into Sleep World (which I could but won't do until it has more content) and kill Baba Yaga, which I would but she refuses to spawn

Galacticraft: Got a space station going that I rarely go to as I've already beaten the second dungeon

Dragons: I've made one of every mount, although they all promptly die

Flan's: Banned on the server I have played on since I first played B-team, but relatively simple for me to complete if it's enabled

Fossils: Haven't done too much as I don't see a need for most of the things, but definitely something for me to finish

Hamsters: I haven't seen a goddamn hamster.

Necromancy: Haven't done anything for same reasons as Fossils, interested as to what the Nightcrawler and Isaac are.


Multiplayer really speeds up progress.

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Something that recently happened to me was that I found an NPC from Necromancy that will give me 2 emeralds for 1 skin.

1 leather can get me 16 emeralds.


Well, there goes all my emerald issues.

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I've started numerous worlds and reset countless times, but it's still so much fun.


I'm getting ready to start a series on Youtube. I love watching what people are up to and for me the person talking is just as important as what they are building. It's hard to come up with an original angle, but I want to give it a try. I'm trying to get my head around the best way to start off with something interesting and also trying to be a bit more creative in what I build.


 I haven't delved that deep into many of the mods except for Tinkers, and even that I don't feel I know enough.

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Well, this is probably a good place to start. There seem to be a lot of people that want to play with others. Check the Servers forum. You might even want to just start by yourself and recruit as you go. That way, people will know your style etc. That's what I'm going to do. Good luck and message me when you start your series.

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I think one of the reasons the B-Team are so good is that they have great chemistry together. Not easy to finding someone at random. If you just advertise looking for anyone, you'll get a lot of interest, but you may not find anyone to make good content with.


Look at me talking like an expert when I don't even make videos lol

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How do i post screen shots here ?


I have been working on setting up a home base and would like get some feedback on it as im not much of a builder but something do wanna try get into

To upload a screenshot, upload it onto Imgur (or another online image hosting site) and then copy the forums BBcode, paste on a thread and voila!

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anyone got any good seeds? well if you've seen my issue,

I lost my world. so I tried to back it up.when I did that I

accidentally deleted the level.dat and lost my best world,seed and progress


do feel free to share some seeds and post screenshot of your worlds.

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