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dead from radiation


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Nothing in Big Reactors (which contains yellorium) should do any damage to players. Did you create an Atomic Science reactor or that mod's uranium? That might be able to damage you.


Or - long shot - do you have an active Sludge Boiler anywhere nearby?

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you can pulverize uranium to yellow cace and process that in a furnace to yellorium.


While Yellorium ingots are harmless, yellow cace will damage you while it is in your inventory. (actually it will poisen you and therefor lasts a bit longer even when you put it away in a chest)


As I experienced, this also happens if you have full radiation shielding in your MPS... (maybe a bug)

The only functioning defense against this is to wear the protective suit from the AS mod...

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As far as I am aware you can use yellorium ingots to make fissile fuel rods for the AS reactors.

I haven't played around much with the AS fission reactors, but don't they start automatically as soon you insert the fuel rod?

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The first time I tried to make Yellowrium ingots I tried to smelt Yellowrium ore, which actually makes Uranium. It was not long before I got radiation poisoning and died. When I saw green bubbles and realized my health was dropping I tried throwing the Uranium into a deep pond, but got fumble fingered trying to get back out of the water (pressing Q instead of W) and it still got me before I could get out of the water.


Once I realized that I had to pulverize the Yellowrium ore into dust and then smelt that, I have not had any radiation sickness from Yellowrium ingots or any unprocessed or processed blue ingots or the reactor. Or did something just change about that in 1.8.2e?

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