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  1. I did some math on this. If every single operation of my CPU (~13 billion per second) was able to perform one cobblestone-crafting operation, this project would take 16 years of nonstop calculation. Of course, I suspect that the maximum rate at which you can make Minecraft process cobble is 3 to 6 orders of magnitude slower - that is, it would take thousands or millions of years.
  2. Thank you for clarifying that cells are per-face. My post was correct. I've tested it. For example, you can put 50k RF/t into a Resonant Cell through a single-conduit bottleneck in your system, as long as after that bottleneck there are 5 conduits connected to the cell itself.
  3. Autonomous Activator with a Crescent Hammer in it, maybe?
  4. Redstone Conduits can transfer 10k RF/t through each connection. That's the same as the Resonant Energy Cell's maximum output. I'm not sure if the cells' maximum output is per face or not. If it is, you could output 60k RF/t, though you'd have no way to get power back into the cell. If you absolutely need unlimited throughput (no clue for what - maybe the output of a massive Big Reactor setup), directly connecting a Tesseract should work.
  5. Nothing in Big Reactors (which contains yellorium) should do any damage to players. Did you create an Atomic Science reactor or that mod's uranium? That might be able to damage you. Or - long shot - do you have an active Sludge Boiler anywhere nearby?
  6. I was able to extract finished stones from the Aludel Base - apparently it's not actually in the glass bell, just displayed there.
  7. Yeah, apparently I can't read. Still, if he gets a Mystcraft age going he can always go backward. Or he can convert upward from obsidian or iron.
  8. If you have lots of diamonds, you're a few small steps away from having lots of gold. You can make an EE3 Minium Stone and (among other things) convert 1 diamond to 4 gold. Instructions are in this thread: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  9. I've now used the free-obsidian-creating (bug? feature?) in a fully automatic generator. Pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/2OLuD#0 Basically, a six-block-long trench. Lava at one end, cryotheum at the other. Terrain smashers on a 5-second Project Red sequencer clear out the blocks/liquid each cycle. Sometimes you'll randomly get a second cobblestone instead, but usually you get an obsidian block every 5 seconds. Did I mention it's completely free?
  10. So, that obsidian I mentioned? I found a reliable way to duplicate it. http://imgur.com/a/b9VPu#0 Apparently, 7.5 hearts of damage, and 8 minutes of fire resistance.
  11. I played around with it a bit. Apparently the interaction between cryotheum and lava sometimes produces free Obsidian in non-source-block spaces, instead of just cobblestone. I haven't figured out exactly what the conditions are, yet.
  12. There's your problem. You need to use... tekkit.jar I think, instead.
  13. I went into Creative, put down a Oil Fabricator next to a Creative Energy Cell, and it worked fine. See if you can replicate this. If you can, it might be a problem with your ingame setup; if not, it might be introduced by Railcraft. What are you using the oil for, anyway?
  14. I don't think the laser drill makes it. A witch spawner, though, is the first truly renewable method here. Nice.
  15. Mystcraft age, glowstone spheres. Technically not auto-production by itself, but if you do this in your quarrying age it'll dig up the underground spheres for you.
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