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Particle Accelerator - Fail to emit; try rotating


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Hey there, another question. The Particle Accelerator says Status: Fail to emit; try rotating. But i tried rotating it with a wrench and nothing happens.(Obviously the Face changed)  What is the key to get this thing working?


Thanks in advance

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the emitter can't be in the exact corner of your accelerator, and it also can't be along the sides.  it needs to be exactly 1 block in from the end so it can shoot the particle strait down the tube created be the magnets.


if this is not the cause, then not sure what to say.  personally haven't been able to use particle accelerators for a long time.  they always crash my game...

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If what jakalth suggested didn't work, you might also want to check to see if you're using Atomic Electromagnets with your accelerators and not just Electromagnets. In the latest big update to AS, they separated the two. Each serves a specific purpose now and are not interchangeable. EMs are for reactors, Atomic EMs are for Accelerators. The EM Glass still works for both.

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