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Hello,I'm new to A.O.T.B.T(Attack Of The B-Team) i need some help.


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So i just started playing 2-3 days ago and before i start doing survival i want to know the "Basic" Things,

I was trying to figure out my self and i couldn't do,i wanted to make a sorting system,but i somehow failed and i was trying to do something with advanced genetics but nope nothing worked

Can Someone explain me how can i make my way around advanced genetics and how to make a sorting system?

Srry. for my bad english(i'm romanian)

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Keralis is a noob also, he made a vid just for a sorting system, advanced genetics and such. Also, be careful with DNA Breeders, they can corrupt worlds.



Thanks for the warning, now i know why my old testworlds don't work anymore. Also do they need any kind of power ???

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