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Big Reactors vs Atomic Science


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Big reactors is the way to go in the current versions of Tekkit.  it works.  Atomic science is not as reliable at the moment.  Atomic science mod is in a major flux atm so not everything works as it should right now.


In later versions of Tekkit, we'll have to see.  it all depends on what fixes are done too the AS turbines and the fusion reactor.

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It should also be noted that those two mods aim at very different things. Big Reactors is to generate lots of power reliably, while delivering a satisfying brick-stacking experience at the same time. Atomic Science produces (insane amounts of) power almost as an afterthought. The core here seems to manage the complexity of nuclear processes with much less simplification than Big Reactors uses. AS even has particle accelerators, and its fuel will actually deal radiation damage if not handled correctly (or if a glitch nullifies your protection).

I think that is the reason both are included in Tekkit. They target vastly different needs.


So for beginners and all others who seek only moderate challenges at first, go Big Reactors. Atomic Science will be there when you eventually get bored with Yellorium.  ;-)

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