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[1.6.4]RageTech Official: HaxysHideout[PvP & PvE][200 Slots][RageTech]

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Do you feel the need for a greater challenge in Minecraft?

Meet RageTech, a modpack designed around progression and creating an environment whereby you cant win the game after just a few hours of gameplay!

RageTech has something for pretty much everyone. Want to be the 'Archmage of The Entire Freakin' Universe' then come and learn the rules that govern nature it's self with the Thaumcraft mod! But maybe you don't believe in all that voodoo and magic nonsense, if that's the case then why not get started with Computercraft or IC2/Gregtech? Maybe that's still not your cup o' tea. Well in that case why not try your hand at farming, with the forestry and Apiculture mods? We have all these mods and many many more!

Where can I find the RageTech modpack?


The download link for the technic launcher can be found on this page:




HaxysHideout is the Official RageTech Server


As the official server, recommended by the RageTech devs, we have provided a server that matches the dev teams vision for the pack. 

The only banned items are ones that the devs feel ruin the feel of the pack or which outright do not work. We are also working in tandem with the dev team to bring you the best experience possible! Plugins being run on the server include: MultiWorld, Permissions EX, Essentials, PWNFilter and lots more!

Join us using the IP: Ragetech.haxyshideout.co.uk


What are the rules?

While a full rule board can be found on the server as soon as you log in, the main rules are as follows: 

1: No exploiting of any kind, this includes the use of 3rd party client side mods and exploiting bugs in-game for profit.

2: Do not spam or act inappropriately in any way in the chat.                                                                                        

3: Do not attempt to bypass the chat filter.                                                                                                                    

4: Do not attempt to grief someones builds or steal from them.                                                                                     

5: Be respectful to everyone, not just staff.                                                                                                                   

6: The word of admins is law, do not dispute ban's or other punishments.                                                                   


Welcome to the HaxysHideout community!
Hi, I'm Arkio and I am one of the owners over at HaxysHideout and I'm here to explain exactly what HaxysHideout is.

HaxysHideout is a small Minecraft community currently run by two programming students from the UK which was a recommended server for Technic's own Voltz pack before they terminated the recommended list system.

At HaxysHideout we strive to bring you a quality Minecraft experience. We know that banning core items from modpacks due to bugs can break a server and as a result we work hard to ensure that such things are patched and as many items are usable as possible, giving you and your friends the best gameplay experience.
You might say that many servers boast having little or no banned items, what makes ours different? To that I say, experience. Personally, in addition to being a programmer, I have gaming industry recognized qualifications and also experience with gaming journalism. Clienthax the secondary owner is also proficient and well recognized when it comes to programming, having provided fixes for a few of the major issues facing Attack of The B-team. Both of us have lots of contacts within the Minecraft world which means we will always be first in providing you with a quality experience.
We understand that when it comes to creating a successful community, player satisfaction and server quality are key, and we hope to provide a quality experience that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.



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