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About quarry for mining


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Okay, I still can not comment on the disappearing part (which does indeed sound strange). What I was getting at was, if they for any reason might have been mined away by the quarry due to being on the wrong side and somehow inside or too close to the quarry.


However, try to use stone or cobblestone (or actually gold which should also work) and not a diamond one. Diamond pipes are actually used for specific purposes (redirecting stuff to different pipes attached to the diamond ones).

I would really not use diamond in this case. Try with stone or cobblestone again and see what happens.

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but you can't send power through the ender chests ;)

I sure you could do some kind of weird setup that transmits power through an ender chest by juggling Flux Capacitors or something.

It would be overcomplicated and unneccessary, but isn't that what Minecraft is all about?

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