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connection lost: software caused connection abort


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I joined this server a few days ago and it went good, but this morning when i came online i went to the nether to get blaze and ghast genes and i succeeded, then i went to the spawn and morphed for fun into a ghast, then i flew above the glass platform above it and then it happened:minecraft internal exception java.net.socketexception software caused connection abort.

I tought it was my internet so i resetted it a few times, but it didnt help then i kept trying but nothign changed, i spawned like a ghast on the platform a minute or two, and then it said that message again.

i re-installed the pack but it didnt work either.

so now im asking: Erasing my character data on the server, will that help?

If so, can u please do it? i didnt have much loot and dont really care about the morphs so could u please give it a try?







PS: i asked a friend ih he could see me, he got on the platform too, and now he has the same problem, so the only solution will be removing the data i guess

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If you really wanted to attempt to delete your character data, you would need to contact the server owners about doing that. Otherwise, please post your issue in the tracker after reading the tracker guidelines. Links in my signature below. Make sure to include a launcher log.

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