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Ethereal Glass


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You might try with the more expensive "Semi-Stable Ingots", as described here (scroll down a bit).


As far as I know, the true unstable ones cannot work with recipes, because the actual item changes every second (due to explosion countdown), so you have no chance to make a proper recipe and automate it, even if you are quick.

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I posted in another thread about this, but as said above, 'stable unstable' ingots CAN be autocrafted. I have it working just fine in my AE network. Exact recipe from the above album is here:


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U can actually semi automate this using AE's crafting terminals. Ingots crafted using the terminal can be put into the system, and then, shift-clicking the recipe from NEI will actually pull them into the crafting grid. It's not full automation, but still makes it much easier. Also, they will not explode while inside the AE network and u can leave them be if u messed up. They will only blow you up once u put them inside your inventory

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