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Stirling engine bug?


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I'm playing Tekkit with galacticraft on it and my i wanted to turn my Stirling engine to turn to my pulverizer but when i shift right-clicked on it with my crescent hammer it didn't do anything.

I also tried using the wrench but no luck


even if i put my pulverizer on top of the engines it didn't work.


is this a bug or am i doing it wrong? please help.

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Not from MJ to RF, only the other way around.

Remember, Thermal Expansion set out to provide low-lag power options, so they don't even bother doing all the calculations required by the MJ system. They just output a certain number of MJ per tick per RF (0.1, I think), and that's it.


So, get over those outdated engines already and use dynamos and reactors.

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