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What is up everyone?! My Name is WulfeXanadu and I currently run a new Youtube Channel with My Best Friend Grendel!

I have just started a new lets play Series of Pixelmon and Grendel has started a Modded Survival Lets Play!

Why Call ourselves Hippo Milk? Well Hippo Milk is Pink and that in of itself is extraordinary! The one Mammal in this World that can break the Meta as we know it! We will be doing Loads of Lets play and we need you the Viewers to Join us and Experience everything that we do, be there with us! Join in with comments and even sometimes join in our lets play! We would love to have you along for the amazing Journeys we partake in!


If you have any idea or suggestions please feel free to contact me here! or even on our Youtube Channel!!!! Hope you guys enjoy!

Baby Hippos Unite!!!



Heres a quick link to the Pixelmon Playlist! - 

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