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A few Issues and topics on BTeam server.


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So I have a few issues and topics I would like to discuss about this Mod Pack.
Area protection bypass- So start I was curios if there is anyone out there in the interwebs whom have found or came up with a some kind of solution. My staff and I have an issue with keeping morphs out of our spawn. Some of the morphs bypass the protection. I have tried banning these mobs but its hasn't seemed to work. Is there some sort of mod, protection, or command block code I could use? 
Crafting issues ive been having- A few of my players are having issues creating this item "Illumar " 
Banned Item- I have banned the master staff but players are still able to get the item by pressing Z and use these greifing dirty little minions. How would I prevent this from happening?
Plugging ideas- Curious if there is a plugging out there were I could search my worlds for any selected item and find the location of it. *hints banned items that could crash the server"
I know this is a bit much to read. Thanks guys! :)
Following picture is the Illumar crafting issue one of my players posted on my forums.
Here is a small list of the important Plugins I use
[[Essentials and all the variants, group manger, Grief Prevention, Grief log, World Gaurd, World Edit, Hidestream, server spy, Simple announcer, World Boarder, Clear lag, and ban item]] 



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go into ur server  and go into mods founder, and rename the minions mod to something like minionsmod.disabled. this will let players still use the z command and do evil deeds, but since the server doesnt have the mod anymore, the staff cant be given. So they cant get a staff aka no minions.



Go into ur config folder, and under morph edit it, change it so that players dont get morph abilities. aka they cant leave snow if snow gollem or destroy blocks if dino cause those are mob abilities.


Grief prevention is great for protecting land.

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