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"Sticks & Starships": an upcoming voxel game with some links to FTB / Tekkit


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Hi Everyone!

This is Dvarvaro, one of the creators of "Sticks & Starships".

Sticks & Starships is an voxel game currently in development in C++ which we feel addresses some of what we feel is the previously unrealized potential of this powerful medium. The game offers a tech tree and story of baroque complexity. The player will take control of a primitive tribal race from a first person perspective, and follow them through many stages of varied technological development. The player will experience the classical age, where they will practice metallurgy, alchemy, masonry, millwork, and several other crafts, as they explore a vast world mapped to a globe 16 kilometers across the equator, and over a kilometer in depth. They will cultivate a vast industrial culture, with needs such as power generation, transmission, and storage, materials refinement, materials acquisition, and transportation. This industrial culture will further develop into a space-faring race, as the player manufactures vast interplanetary missions, and mines and transports resources across many worlds. Finally, the player will join the galaxy full of warp-capable interstellar species, as they sail out in vast starships!

Some of our influences are Kerbal Space Program, Terraria, Star Trek, and the FTB and Tekkit family of mods. We felt that the concepts of the latter in particular were strong enough that they ought to be developed in refinement in an engine dedicated to them. We seek to capture the spirit of those great mods, while offering an entirely new experience!

Currently, we have been in development for around 8 months, and we are approaching our first public demo in 3-4 months; our funding session will follow shortly after the demo. The work you will see presented was produced using the Unity Engine as a design tool. Our demo and alpha will be presented through our in-house engine.

You can check out our current progress at our homepage here:

Our forums, which recently opened for discussion, are:

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