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MPS Axe and Treecapitator


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Does anyone know if it is possible to get the TreeCapitator mod to work with the Axe tool on the MPS Power Tool by manipulating either mod's config files? I have tried adding the Power Tool id to the list of AxeIDs in the Treecapitator.cfg file and this allows it to work but it chops trees as if you are chopping with the hand tool itself rather then the axe IN the hand tool. In other words, it takes forever to chop through a tree. It's like chopping a tree down with your hand. Is there a way to reference the axe IN the hand tool in the AxeID list? I see that some AxeID definitions have the word ID for the item rather than the numeric ID. Anyone know if we can reference the Power Tool Axe in this way? Thanks in advance!

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Not sure if that would work too well.  The power tool it's self IS the axe.  The axe upgrade only adds a multiplier to how fast it can chop(aka upgrading it from worse then wood, too better then diamond if you turn it up high enough).  So if adding the power tools ID to the list does not work, then I'm not sure here.  As for slowing it down, the two mods might be conflicting with each other, or the mod simply doesn't recognize the axe tool as a true axe, but still tries to apply the "alter speed to simulate chopping the whole tree" effect.

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