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If it only stops when you are away, it is probably just not chunkloaded. Place a chunkloader or Dimensional Anchor near it to make sure it does not get unloaded.

This of course only works if your server allows players to use chunkloaders.

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Are both tanks chunk loaded using a chunkloader or dimensional anchor?


Are both tanks input/output set correctly?  If they are not set, they should not work at all, even if you are there to watch it.  So if they work while you are near them, then this is not the issue.


Do they only have problems when you exit or reload the map?  if so, then the chunk loaders just need to be "tapped" to keep working correctly.  "tapping" only requires going near then, so going to the nether for example, and going close enough to the chunk loader/endertank that you can see them in the distance, then going back to the overworld.


If your on a server, the server owner may have disabled chunk loading while the players are logged off.  You'de have to ask the server owner if this is happening.  (this is done to minimize server load so the game runs better on higher population servers.  But not all servers do this, it is not done by default.)

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