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extra cells and deep storage units


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Is it intentional that you can fill a deep storage unit with liquids?


managed it using the following setup:


a deep storage unit attached to the me-network using a storage bus, left the storage bus unconfigured.

a liquid interface receiving some liquid (e.G. water)


this will fill your dsu with water entitys but it seems a bit buggy, the dsu ui will tell you that theres 0 inside of it, if you break it and look at it in your inventory you'll see that theres actually something inside and if you leave it attached to your network and look in a liquid access terminal, you'll also see the right amount.

If you take 1 entity directly out of the dsu, it will fill your complete inventory with entitys and drop a unlimited stack to the floor...


Edit: can somebody confirm that?

version 1.2.9

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Sounds like a bug.  DSU's were not designed to work with ME fluid storage, so apparently nothing has been put in their code to prevent this from being done through a storage bus.  It makes me wonder what effect this has on the long term stability of your game if it's allowed to hold a fluid.  I would be worried of the game crashing or the map getting corrupted by this happening.


So no, this is not an intended action.  I have not confirmed this yet, but it sounds like it could either go bad, or may not be much of an issue at all, depending on how this effects the long term of your map.  For now, I would say not to use the DSU's interface if you allow this to happen.


But then again, DSU's only with with the item ID and number that item, when keeping track of inventory.  And, you can store filled buckets in a DSU, through it's interface.  So who knows, other then the interface issue, that might be the only bad thing that happens.  I'll have to check into this further for sure.

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With the way extra cells handles fluids, it treats them as a fluid display item (4402:0-??).  As in, it is no longer the same fluid while in the ME network.  Due to this, it may not be regestering the item as a fluid type.  So this is what is allowing the storage bus to store water inside the deep storage unit.  Also, due to the nature of this fluid item, it does not have an sctual stack size so when you pull some out, your pulling out as much of a stack as it will let you pull out, in my test case, a stack size of 10254...  and the stack auto breaks up into the normal 64 stack size if you try placing it into your inventory, the rest spills out onto the floor in item form.


This seems to be a bug of some type that lets the storage bus treat it as a normal item, not a fluid.  The fluid storage bus does not allow the fluid to be stored in a DSU.

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I have no problems transfering the fluid back and forth from item form and fluid form via buckets in a fluid terminal.  At least as long as the fluid item is still connected strait to the me system.  Even inside a DSU with a normal item storage bus attached, it still works just fine, all be it, not the way it was intended to work.  I have tested, and after a save and reload of the map, the number of fluid items in the DSU remains the same, but the DSU fills very quickly since each item form of the fluid is only worth 1mb of fluid.  or 1/1000 of a bucket.


But, any fluid items removed from the DSU by any means other then the storage bus can not be effectively placed back into the DSU and extracted as fluid through the terminal again.  This leaves the bug as a high risk for causing loss of fluids you may have stored in your ME system.  Loss, that may not be recoverable...

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