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Help! Attack of The B Team

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Ok, so i love to play attack of the b team but sometimes it lags me out like crazy even with optifine!

my laptop aint' that good but somehow it can still play it at about 25-30 which is ok for me. But i want to know can i take out mods i dont want i tried to put the mods i only want into the normal minecraft but it keeps crashing. Here are the mods i just want:

Carpeneter's Blocks

Better Storage


Bibliowoods [biomesoplenty]

Bibliowoods [natura]


Food Plus

Furniture Mod


Inventory Tweaks




Secret Rooms

Tinkers Construct





Oh and i want to keep that Config file called "COFH". that file changes the spawn rate of diamonds and everything

I would Apreciate any help necassary Thanks!



Sorry for Being such a long post! :)

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