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Pulvirazier and Stirling Engine Not Working


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Sup guys i am ultra frustated because i am playing tekkit the latest the one you can go to the moon and i just cant seem to make the stirling engine work, i just dont moves and dont faces the pulvirazer


what am i doing wrong?? I watched tons of videos but guys just place the engine on the ground and it auto faces. :psypop:


:laugh: Thanks!

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Pulverizer requires RF, which is made by dynamos. Stirling only produces MJ. Conduits will output in RF or MJ but as far as I know there is no way to turn MJ into RF.


Before Tekkit moved to 1.6.4, Thermal Expansion used/produced MJ, but they created their own power system when the mod moved to 1.6

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Thermal Expansion became a stand alone mod for 1.6.x  It has it's own power system and it's own engines, called dynamos.  As ThePagen said.


To expand on it.  Your Pulverizer would run off a steam dynamo instead of a sterling engine.  The steam dynamo uses coal and water to produce "Redstone Flux"(RF) the mods new power system.  Most of the mods in the newest Tekkit use RF directly and without any problems at all. 


MJ on the other hand has some limitations, but is still usable by several of the mods like Extra Utilities, Applied Energistics, and of corse Build Craft.  Thankfully, the conduits in Thermal Expansion can convert RF too MJ too run your buildcraft stuff.  So your main focus should be on generating RF for power, and buildcraft engines are the only power generators in Tekkit that do not generate RF.

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