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What to do with 500+ mbs of Mob esscence?


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I have a pretty effective blaze/witch farm (Three spawners of each) hooked up to a grinder. The problem (if you could call it that) is I have way to much mob essence. Two ender tanks, two hardened tanks, a bunch of open blocks, and two drums from extra utilities.  What do I do with it (besides spawning and farming wither skeletons and fighting the wither a bunch. :P I know that you can turn it into liquid xp, but what do you do with that? Can you use it as fuel for a dyanmo? Thanks!

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I actually made an "Infinite power source out of mob esscence. I used arround 6 Blaze spawners, one grinder, like 20 open blocks tanks and one assambler. all i have to do to get power its to stand on the middle of the spawn zone and the blaze will spawn, the grinder wil send mob esscence to the tanks and the blaze rods will be crafted into blaze powder, both of them can be used as power on a reactant dynamo. its pretty cheap (if you have an auto spawner to kill wither skellys and get the heads to get the wither and then use the star to make an porta-spawner.) and it makes like 50m (yeah Mil) RF per 10 mins (Maybe?) im tryng to make another resonant energy cell (50.000.000) cuz i have one full allready :c

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