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Crashing and spamming console


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my console is constantly spammed with this message before it crashes. Can someone enlighten me about the cause of the problem. 


[iNFO] :[AbsorptionAmount:0.0,ActiveEffects:0 entries of type TAG_End,Age:0,Anger:0,AttackTime:0,Attributes:5 entries of type TAG_Compound,CanPickUpLoot:1,CustomName:,CustomNameVisible:0,DeathTime:0,DropChances:5 entries of type TAG_Float,Equipment:5 entries of type TAG_Compound,Fire:0,HealF:32767.0,Health:32767,HurtTime:0,Leashed:0,MorphNBTProtocolNumber:1,PersistenceRequired:1,SkeletonType:0]

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I believe it has something to do with MorphMod but i see nothing to disable it.I checked all configs and nothing pops out or comes to mind except that mod.I think its more of a debug message thats reading the data from the mob thats being killed because its reading everything about the mob when its killed

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