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In order to join the server you must be on Hexxit version 1.0.10, in order to get this version, go to the Hexxit menu, below it click on the gear icon and select recommended build

NEW MAP - Fresh start - Old player ranks are unaffected!




IP : hexxit.jwlservers.com

Website: www.jwlservers.com



 Welcome to JWL's Hexxit server, where you can raid, grief, and PVP all to your evil little black heart's desire! Burn your enemies, betray your team mates, or try to survive peacefully inside a chaos ridden-world run by anarchists, your choice!


We hope you enjoy the time spent on the server, and you should have no problems as long as you follow these rules:


-1- No spamming


-2- No caps


-3- No attempting to crash the server


-4- No hookshooting/using staves on people at spawn


-5- No hacks or use of exploits/bugs


-7- No inappropriate weapon names (as funny as it is, keep it civil)


-8- Respect players and staff


--As long as you follow this set of guidelines, you should have no problems with staff bothering you, and you may embark upon your demented killing spree.






--And these items are banned for various reasons, which include causing lag and crashing the server:


-TreeCapitator: Crashes server


-Ankh: Abuse


-Blue Slime Eggs: Crashes server


-Ender bow: Crashes server


-Meteor Shield: Crashes server


-Draw Bridge: Corrupts chunks


-Emperor's Chalice: Abuse/OP


-Destruction Catalyst: Abuse/OP


-Capsules: Crashes server


-Titan Band: Abuse/OP


-Meteor Summoner: Abuse


-Water Staff: Abuse/trolling


-Storm Magazine/Shot: Buggy/bypasses rain prevention


-Bag(7608): Duplication abuse


-Ore Magnet: Broken


-Chocopedia: Crashes server


-Liquid Metal Buckets: Crashes server


-Chocobo Saddle Bags: Duplication abuse









--We have ranks available for those that dedicate time on the server, or in other words, they are freeee!!


-Visitor: Acquired upon joining the server, your first step to awesomeness.


-Survivor: Awarded upon reaching the milestone of 12 hours on the server, grants access to /kit survivor.


-Resident: 24 hours spent on the server, and grants the extremely useful /back command + Able to use hook shots.


-Hero: 36 hours, and allows the user to set up a whopping 5 homes! Who needs that many!?


-Master: A total of 72 hours on the server grants you the Master rank, which allows you to use /kit master.


-Duke: Not for the feint of heart, Duke is given only to those who spend 96 hours, and it gives you the /enderchest ability.


-Lord: For nobility, this rank awarded when you've attained 144 hours on the server, which allows you to use /kit lord.


-Hexical Legend: Dedicated, and prestigious players are able to reach the Hexical Legend rank, only reachable through 192 hours. You have reached nearly the top rung of the rankings, and therefor are awarded the /jump command, allowing you to zip around like an enderman! Will you be able to achieve the final rank?


-Hexical Deity: For the true GODS amongst men, the immortals surrounded by mortals, the Hexical Deity is the ultimate God-Tier rank. Enjoy all your previous sw33t l00t, along with the /fly command, because we here at JWL love you. This extremely elusive and awesome rank only comes with an extreme 400 hours on the server, which weeds out those who are not truly worthy. BASK in your powerful aura and DEMAND respect from those beneath you, you've deserved it. This is one of your last steps to achieving world dominance, enjoy it.




We Also Have A PvP Arena Where You Can Have Friendly Duels Without Being Worried About Losing Items!




-P-Mod: Player moderators are our version of 'trial mods', where we evaluate your decision making abilities, and how you handle situations that require staff intervention. You are basically still a normal player, with some exclusive moderator commands. They are the first line of defense against unruly and unfair players, respect them!


-Moderator: No longer a regular player, but one who dedicates their time to assisting the community and keeping the world civil. They are allowed to use creative to restore items and structures lost through unfair or glitched means, not to hand out freebies. They also have various other commands that are imperative for operating on a front line basis.


-Admin: A rank granted to those who distinguish themselves further from the player base. There are 5 Admins currently.


-Owner: Only a few members have this rank, it is not freely given out. The main owners, jd210, Babsicus/mrbabe

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