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[1.6.4] RPMGaming [24/7] [Whitelist] [Survival] [TS3] Badwolf Pack

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RPM Gaming's BadWolf Pack Server

Website: http://rpmgaming.com/
Dynmap: http://rpmgaming.com:8123/
Teamspeak: rpmgaming.com

Feel free to join our Teamspeak even if you are not Whitelisted!
We are usually there and speaking to us may speed up your Whitelisting process.

Server Address: rpmgaming.com

This server is a WHITELISTED server.

We are running the BadWolf Modpack. A list of mods can be found here bit.ly/1ldKKdH.This includes:
--Hardcore Ender Mod
--Archimedes Ships
--Much,Much More smile.png

Obtain the Link here to add the ModPack to your launcher: http://www.technicpa...dwolf-pack.2432

If you have any problems go to this page: http://rpmgaming.com/?page_id=33

In your launcher, click "Add New Pack", paste in the Platform URL given after clicking the link above.
Then create an empty directory folder, click okay, and click play!

Go to our website to apply for Whitelist!
Also, any information about the server and its specifications or staff is located on the website.

We are a FRIENDLY server community of MineCraft players who enjoy Survival Mode as a group. We aim to gather friends
on our server in order to explore, build, survive and have fun together while using the new and complex technologies our modpack provides.

Crafting of high level missiles is not possible but is only disabled and not removed. The only way to obtain this is by the power of an Admin.



1.NO Griefing: This is when we feel that pvp is getting out of hand or a group of people is ganging up on rather new/ unprepared members or peaceful players for the sole purpose of being cruel. THIS IS FULLY UP TO THE DISCRETION OF THE STAFF AND COULD RESULT IN EITHER A PERMANENT OR TEMPORARY BAN.

2. PVP is not encouraged or prohibited. It comes with consequences and will result in a ban if it becomes a violation of rule 1. (At the discretion of Admin involved.)
(We will only severely punish the Aggressor if the attacked reports it)

3. NO cheating. (If temporarily given creative and privilege is abused, you will be teleported to remote location and your house will be decimated)

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