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Problems with enhanced portals


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Heyo, I don't know why but I can't create a portal with the enhanced portals mod. Well I can, just with no modifiers. I'm trying to add the sound control, dimensional and dialling upgrades, yet whenever I try to create a portal with the modifiers in the portal modifier block it won't work and I have no clue why. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone help??


portal with no upgrades



add the upgrades



portal no work D:



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The dialling upgrade disables that method of starting the portal, you need to use a dialler instead (you can't have them be permanent open to one another anymore).  They basically can work in two ways;


1: Multiple portals with just dimensional upgrade, all of them on the same 'address'

You use the flint and steel here, when you enter a portal you'll come out of one of the others with the same 'address' randomly (and open the receiving end when you come out of it).


2: Multiple portals with dialler, all on different addresses

You use the dialler devices here to pick the destination address, the portal will open for a time (set in the dialler) to the other end.  If you're going somewhere there's more than one exit from (multiple portals, same address), it'll pick at random.  You can't dial into an already open portal.


Also note that upgrades take effect after the portal activates - if you put upgrades like sound or particle removal into an already active portal it shouldn't work (you need to open the portal after putting in the upgrades, when it opens is when it does the check).

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Anyone else having the issue where enhanced portals lose their redstone settings, you fix them enter the portal, but if you re-enter the still active portal it crashes the server and wipes morphs, or am I just the lucky one?

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