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Harvester upgrade problems


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I want to make a tree farm with a harvester and a planter, but It seems to have a problem when you install an uprgade, it works fine until I put the uprade in it dosn't want to work anymore, it gots power, fluiduct and itemduct so I don't get why it's not working ...

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What size of upgrade are you putting in?  Putting in an upgrade doesn't make it run faster, just cover a larger area - so a standard 3x3 will complete its pass after only checking 9 squares, a 10x10 will have to check 100 squares (the unmodified version will have checked its 3x3 area over 11 times in the same amount of time).  You may just have to wait long enough for it to reach the appropriate area.


If in doubt, plant a straight line of oak trees from one side to another leading from the harvester straight out - bonemeal the oak trees until you have a solid wall.  You'll be able to see its progress every time it crosses this line so you can see it work.  Check the planter itself to make sure it's actually running down its idle timer - if it's getting a redstone signal it'll stop and hold until the signal disappears.


If that doesn't help, please put up a screenshot.

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Oh okay I see why now, thanks a lot Loader ! It makes sens that it gots more space to check so it needs more times. I was worried because when I was hovering over the harvester for a split second I got <ERROR> just under the name of the harvester

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