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TekkitArmy Developer needed! (Tekkit classic server)

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Hello everyone, 

I have got my own tekkit classic server. It is already up and running, it has players, staff etc. all is going good on it and I am really happy with it. However I am afraid of running into a problem and not being able to fix it myself.

That is why I am after a person who can code plugins, fix problems and loves tekkit classic. This person will be head developer on my server and will be responsible for all above and decreasing down time. 

My tekkit server is called TekkitArmy. The server ip is: play.tekkitarmy.net. We are PVE, anti grief, anti cheat server. I am very dedicated to this server and want to make it one of the top servers on the tekkit server list and i am willing to invest heavily in this. 

If you are interested then please fill out the following questions:

1. What experience have you had in developing?
2. Do you have any previous work for me to look at?

3. Why would you like to be a developer on my server?

4. Can you code custom plugins?
4b. If your answer to question 4 is yes then please provide some links to previous work.
5. What is you knowledge of tekkit classic?
6. Name?
7. Date of birth?
8. Timezone?
9. Any other information you would like to offer me?

I would also like a web developer/designer who can make my site look a lot better. www.tekkitarmy.net is the web address.

If anyone has any questions or if they require any information then please feel free to ask.

I would prefer applications to be emailed to me at [email protected] but you can also post them here if you wish.

I am sorry if this is in the wrong area administrators, if it is can you please move it to the right area thanks.

Minecraft IGN: Limabeann

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