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How to place a quarry far away from home?


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Hello guys i was just wondering how can i place a quarry really far from my base(where i have my dynamos and my power and stuff) without having to make alot of redstones conduits to get the power there.


is there like a RF telepor thing? something that can transport the RF to other areas of the game?


Thanks, i am asking because i wanna setup multiple quarry to make like a massive factory of ores and stuff..


Thanks again :P

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tesseracts can provide both, a way to get power to your quarry and to get the items back to your base...


as they count as valid inventorys for your quarry, you could place one tesseract directly on top of your quarry and connect 2 pieces of conduits to it. (you have to configure this tesseract to receive power and send items)

in your base, you have to use itemducts to connect the other tesseract to an inventory (I prefer an ME-Network) (configuration is sending power, receiving items) this tesseract has to be powered in order to send power ;)

Both tesseracts have to use the same frequency...

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If a tesseract isn't an option you can put an ender tank with some kind of fuel (lava/oil/fuel), 8 dynamos (eg. magmatic for lava) and an energy cell (as a buffer) to power it providing the fuel from a second ender tank (with the same colouring) from the base or another chunk loaded place (eg. a huge lava pit somewhere else with a pump). The items from the quarry can be sent through an ender chest but need to be ejected fast from the other ender chest (with the same colouring) in the base or any other chunk loaded place by itemducts (set to eject) or import bus to a bigger storage place.


Ender tank setting: blue up - sender, red up - receiver.


This way is more complex but for some mid game level is cheaper on the resources.


On the chunk loading:

You absolutely need to be sure about chunk loading. Quarry loads the chunks with the frame and one chunk with the quarry itself. There's a chance that the quarry will land in the border of a chunk and the connected tesseract/DSUs/chests will stand outside of the loaded chunks. Don't do it blind. After the quarry is placed and the yellow/black frame is visible (before powering the quarry) press F9 couple times looking at the sky. Yellow rectangles will show up that indicate the loaded (force loaded) chunks. Don't put any equipment outside the chunks with the yellow skies. Chunk borders will be also visible. When done press F9 until the chunk markers disappear. If you put something outside the loaded chunks and leave the perimeter the machines will unload with the chunks leaving a crippled or not powered quarry.


P.S. I'm a lava freak and I hate tesseracts as one ate my items from a quarry placed on top of a abandoned mine shaft.

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