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Best place to find Dev's?


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So recently my one and only dev vanished and I kinda need to get a new dev to replace him and I don't know where to really go and find one? My original dev was founded by simply asking help with his plugin because of some bugs he later fixed and he stayed and kept helping us. Since him vanishing we have struggled along with issues and bugs on our own, and would like to change that. So if anyone knows a place to find good devs or even names of devs would help. If you are interested yourself we have a Tekkit classic server (hence why I put this under tekkit classic) And are getting ready to setup a Vanilla 1.8 and a Tekkit (the new one not classic) servers and would really like some help while setting these up. All dupes/major bugs are fixed on tekkit classic and we even have custom plugins like factions that work with tekkit items and such so you wont have to worry about anything like that c: just would like a dev to help with our new server expansions and advice they could give us during so. 

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Theres no dupe fixes for the main tekkit that i can find no one seems to use tekkit anymore.... ftb

Three things.


1. This is about Tekkit Classic, not Tekkit Main.


2. I wouldn't say nobody uses Tekkit. Doing so would be a very significant understatement.


3. Heh

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