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Is there a way to add ICBM to Tekkit?

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I'm wondering if ICBM can be installed to Tekkit. Not Classic, but the newer one. I've tried dropping the .jar file into the mods folder (including dependancies), and when it loads the "Mojang" logo, it exits back to the launcher shortly.



Is there a way around this, or can I transfer our current Tekkit world into another modpack like Tekkit Lite?

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I was trying to add ICBM into Tekkit too, but it had the same issues like Mr. MysteryMan explained, so I fiddled around with the files a bit. ^^


How to solve the issue:

- download ICBM

- put it into the "mods" dir

- delete the "config" folder entirely

- start the game!


Why was the client crashing? Likely because of some Configs overlapping eachother.

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