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wispy cotton how do i get it

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You need to get to the spirit world, and not in a nightmare.


  1. First you'll need a potion of sleeping.  
  2. Use it to sleep - beware your body will collapse where it is, unsure if it can be killed.  At this stage, you will almost certainly get a nightmare (I think there's a greater than 90% chance).
  3. Run from anything hunting you and look for disturbed cotton.  Pick up a fair amount.  Eventually you'll get trapped and killed or bored (and let something kill you).  You'll wake up.
  4. Make the disturbed cotton into string at the spinning 'wheel', use that string to make a dreamweaver of nightmares.
  5. Drink another potion of sleeping near the nightmare dreamweaver - while you're near that there's only a 50% chance of having a nightmare.  Repeat until it's not nightmare (it will be day, not night, and there's nothing chasing you).
  6. The daytime version of the dreamworld (dream version) has the other kind of cotton (wispy cotton) in it.  Set up a little base for future convenience (there are some things you can only do from here like making brews of flowing spirit).
  7. You can now either set it up so you can always go back to a dream (a bed with a dreamweaver of nightmares, 3 pools of flowing spirit and 2 wispy cotton planted next to you should give you a near 100% chance if not actually a guaranteed dream), or you can use the wispy cotton for whatever and not mess with the spiritworld further.
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I've had a few people report that using an enhanced portal to go there (or any other witchery dimension) caused some issues with the mod. I would avoid doing this on any world you may want to keep in the event it causes damage that is difficult to recover from.

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I'm not sure how it would behave with an enhanced portal - the cotton (wispy cotton) breaks into different types depending on if you're having a dream or a nightmare, so if you're not having either because you came through a portal I don't know what it'd drop (maybe whatever you had last?).  I could see that causing likely issues with people who've never 'dreamed' so aren't in an old dream or nightmare (which is what would happen if someone else went through your portal).

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