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Oxygen into space


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I don't think tesseracts work with gases, but you could fill tanks and then transport those, then decompress them, but I'm not sure if tesseracts transport across dimensions like that. Also not sure how you'd automate it. For our moonbase, I'm thinking of putting all the O2 generation stuff underground. But for a space station, there's not much you can do I don't think.

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Tesseracts will not transport oxygen. The only way it would work is if it would be registered as a liquid (it isnt). You can however use tanks like the above post mentions through tesseracts on the item send/receive.

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I found a way to automate getting oxygen into space.


1. make oxygen compressors and collectors on the oveworld

2. set the AE system to export empty tanks into the compressors with a precision export bus

3. put a basic import buss on the compressors

4. in space set the AE system to export full tanks to the decompressors with a precision export buss

5. put a basic import buss on the decompressors


You may need to add more of each compressor and decompressor depending on how much oxygen you need.

This setup requires a quantum link to get the AE system to connect.

If you do not have the quantum link, you could probably use an ender chest to transport the items back and forth

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Sorry .. google failed me .. I searched for "Applied Energistics oxygen to the moon" and it lead me here .. I did not read that it was for attack of the b team


However it will still work if it is the same itemducts as tekkit does


Instead of using the AE system you would use the servo in the item duct on an ender chest and make sure it is using meta value.


I just tested this on my creative server.




I just set up a Attack of the B Team server and tested this:


It will not work with enderchests .. howerver it will work with tesseracts



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