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Weird issue with itemducts, is this normal?

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So whenever I go to the moon via portal or rocket my itemduct sorting system no longer works. Items just sit in the sorting boxes and are never pulled. I have 2 sorting systems and both of them stop working. A small one and a massive one (think the Furturama Central Bureaucracy episode). Breaking some of the tubes and replacing them doesn't seem to work. Restarting the server works fine.


I figured this might be the size but the smaller one also stops working. I think I might need a chunk loader or something to fix it. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue or something similar and if its worth reporting. I personally don't think t serious enough to submit a ticket but it would be cool to find a fix.

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I found this as well, since my item system spans three chunks (use F9 to see where chunk boundaries are) I created three poppet shelves to keep each of the chunks loaded and it works fine. My hotbar stock of bread is kept at full with the item system, a stock keeper chip and that player inventory block (forget it's name).


Using the poppet shelves as chunk loaders also fixed problems I was having with item and fluid duct systems that spanned chunk boundaries.

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