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Hey come join me so apply and it is hosted by my internet im keeping it small so onley 4 ppl i will need your IGN SKYPE if have And y would u like to join my server




1. Most important: No rule bending; a rule is a rule, no excuses

2. Have FUN
3. RESPECT Others
- No Bullying
- No Griefing
- No Stealing
- Don’t make fun of another player’s creativity
4. Player vs. Player
- Only if both players/parties agree to battle
- Taking a killed player’s grave is not permitted
- Respect their decision if they choose not to fight
- Friends messing around and killing each other is permitted
5. Don't ask for things like TP, Op, Time set, etc. (it’s not happening, this is a survival server of fairness)
6. NO Spam
- No excessive chat entries within a certain amount of time
- Don’t type anything irrelevant and unneeded
7. Advertising
- Don’t mention other servers/IPs
- Posting on YouTube is allowed
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sadly i do not have skype on this pc... mine is undergoing repairs you can add me on facebook if that changes anything "gabriel lang-bertoldi" id really like to play on your server please look into it il be looking forward :D

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i am 15 (16 at the end of may)

i live in TX

i am looking for an attack of the b team server that has a friendly, mature, and small community.

i intend to have fun, and in turn help others have fun

i may pull a few pranks (nothing major, 5 minutes to clean up tops)


i hope you pick me, msg my skype or my  account with the ip if i am whitelisted


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IGN megatron2262


skype megatron2262


I would love to join an online AOTB server, because I love to play Minecraft and with others. I don't like the bigger ones, so I want to play on a smaller one. I am looking forward to playing with you all and having a good time.

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IGN: wiki2434

Skype: wiki1234560


And i would like to join because i want a small, friendly community to play with and just goof off.. kinda like the youtubers :D (bdubble0, genirikb, ECT)

Oh and BTW im available almost all the time ;) 

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Skype: ponodude101

Age: 14

I have a lot of experience in the technical and adventurous side of the mudpack.

I want to join because I want to be part of a modded community of people to have a place to record this for my youtube channel.


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IGN: ThePittsStop

Age: 13

Skype: Privatised as a result of me getting spammed. If you tell me your skype I shall add you as a contact :D


I have been an admin on several small servers and a server with 150 slots that was recently closed for financial reasons.I have been a moderator and have been playing minecraft since late 1.3 BETA. I really like small servers because of the close-kinit and how I can make friends :)


Please accept me onto the server- ThePit

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In game name:  Newhaven13

Age:  27

Timezone:  Mountain

About You: 

Describe your Minecraft experience:  I've been playing Minecraft on and off for the past three years. I'll admit I'm fairly new to the AoTB modpack, but I'm excited to learn all it has to offer. I'd like to join a small server/community where we can share our experiences and help each other grow. I'm tired of playing solo, so I'm really looking forward to playing with others. Also, I know it's not technically playing but I do watch a lot of various Youtubers play minecraft. In all the time I've played Minecraft I haven't joined a server. I hope to find one soon though!  :D

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IGN: WalrusGirl_

Skype: uclaunicorn

Age: 12

Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard Time, Southern California)


About me: So I have been playing minecraft ever since I had heard about it from one of my best friends, and after watching Chimneyswift11's gameplay of Attack of the B-Team I was quickly interested and got the modpack myself. I have been playing on public servers mostly, but I soon disliked it as there was too many players at a time and it was hard to fully enjoy the mod pack from fear of griefers, cheating, and unfair PvP. I would really enjoy being a part of a private server to make new friends who could teach me a thing or two about AOTBT mod pack. I play everyday all the time because I do not have school, as we were let out for summer. I think I would be a good addition to this Minecraft Server because I have an easygoing attitude towards people, and I am very respectful of others, and I love to have fun with others! I tend to stick to rules, and I have experience from co-owning a server at one point and being an admin on another. Please consider me, and I will be happy at that. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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