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  1. Hya My ign is Rustybair642 USA Age: 17 I dont mind a little pvp occasionally,But i hate griefing and theivery completly
  2. Id love to join you. Im 17 and the reason I want to join is cause my old one shut down and its hard to find a server that lasts
  3. IGN: Rustybair642 age: 17 language: English favourite modpack: atobt, or monster ftb Why do you want to join ? Im trying to find a server where i can play with people and have fun. Havent played on one in a while so i wanna get back into the game
  4. IGN- Rustybair642 Age- 18 Why you Want to Join- Want a server that i can be active on. Havent played it in a lil while but trying to get back into it Got Skype(optional)?- Yes i do If so then Username (I need to send IP) Ruben.anthony2
  5. IGN Rustybair642 Age (Be truthful!) Turn 18 in 2 months 13 days What makes you want to join this server? Im trying to find an attack of the bteam server since my last one disbanded What could you bring to the server? Im good at building and know my way around alot of the mods. And i can bring life to almost any conversation that occurs Skype - I will ask for it if accepted so we can make a server chat out of game. Ruben.anthony2 How active will you be on the server?Im pretty active but mostly at night for me since i dont sleep much.
  6. IGN :rustybair642 Skype : Ruben.anthony2 Age : 17 Why you want to join : I want an experience on the Bteam modpack. Ive been having trouble finding a server that stays. So im hoping to find one that i can play on lots and hang with other people Experience in the Attack of the B Team mod pack : Ive had lots of experience with the mod pack the only mod i havent actually gotten into is tropicraft
  7. Name: Ruben, IGN: rustybair642 Age:17 What do you wish to achieve: First id like to get some good tools then ill go on a mass hunting spree and kill every witch i find, then ill start with some of the more technilogical thingers Skype/Teamspeak: Ruben.anthony2 (skype)
  8. Hey guys i cant connect its saying im not using certain mods installed what all was added or removed?
  9. Username:rustybair642 Skype (required):Ruben.anthony Age:17 Gender: Male How long have you played MC: 3 years How long have you played AOTBT: only recently have i started How often will you play on the server: As much as possible but iam leaving for a week in a week but afterwards 4 hours min a day What mod(s) will you use & what you plan on doing: Obviously Tconstruct but others like witchery and the more fun ones like necromancy Why we should add you: No specific reason except iam fun to talk to and hang out with Extra Comments (optional) I am a panda
  10. IGN: rustybair642 Skype: Ruben.anthony2 Ive finally decided to actually try to play tekkit multiplayer and figured why not start out small. Hopefully this is my golden ticket talk to you later
  11. IGN:Rustybair642 Age:17 Youtube (Optional): What you are good at: Thats what i wish to find out. Why should I pick you/why do you want to join: I want to join the server to broaden my mind in the attacl of the bteam experience. I have only played it a little while and would like to enjoy have fun and play with others Time Zone: (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) Skype: Ruben.anthony2
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