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[0.6.5]LiteItUpGaming[666 Slots][PvP No Griefing][Almost No Banned Items][Experienced Staff][Mineral World]


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Lite It Up Gaming - Tekkit Lite It Up


- Multiple Game Servers!

- Experienced Staff Members

- Almost No Banned Items!

- Mineral World!

 Tekkit Lite Server I.P : TekkitLiteitup.net


Tired Of Playing Tekkit Lite? Try Our Attack Of The B-Team Server And Join Our Website Today!



Check Out Our Rankings!



Tired Of Playing Tekkit Lite? Try Our Hexxit Server Or Out Pixelmon 3.1

http://www.hexacrafters.enjin.com - Hexxit


http://pixelmonservers.com/server/769/view/pixelmonplus-net - Pixelmon 3.1 Technic Pack Link Included For Fast Installation.




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Not only is this server addicting, but the staff are amazing people who treat the people right unlike those other piece of crap servers. The community is very nice and I can not stop playing, this has to be one of the greatest servers I have ever played on.

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The server is well developed with the community welcoming you from your footsteps. When I joined, I was given advice and attention of the community. There's always a staff member on during the day that can help you. Without the well development and the community with warm welcoming hands, I probably wouldn't have stayed on the server for so long. Enjoying the server love the staff members! Perfect server to be on <3
Three questions:   -Mega, is there any new activities such as Quests or a PVP arena coming soon? If so, what will we see in it and how will it be structured? ALSO, will we see any new exciting rank or certain plugins that will encourage players to team up or play against each other to win certain prizes?
Thanks for a great server and I hope to keep playing it for a long time now and enjoy everyone within the community! <3


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Thanks For The Great Comments! Everyones Support Is Much Appreciated!


With That Being Said The Map Has Been Reset As Of Today 2014-06-21


Enjoy a Fresh New Start And Get A Chance to Start Off Equally With The Rest Of Our Great Huge Community! 

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Yes That's Right Everyone! we will be holding a Building Competition!

As Some Of You Know We Give a Percentage of Our Donations To The Child's Play Foundation And In Return We Receive Small Bundles Of Games Some From Steam Some From Origin, This Month we will be Giving Out 3 steam game codes to The Winners Of the Build Competions.
First Place Winner Gets First Pick, Seconds Gets Second Pick and So On.
Here Are the Three Games That Will Be up For Grabs:
- Call Of Juarez
- A Game of Dwarves: Gold Edition (Inc 3 DLC) 
- King Arthur II: The Role Playing Wargame 
 You Can Choose The Place Of Your Choice to Build Whatever Your Imagination Has To Offer! Once your Build Is Complete Write Down the Coordinates To Your Piece De Resistance! And Let a Staff Member Know!
Don't Forget To Claim Your Work With a Golden Shovel To Keep it safe Until the End of the Competition! You Guys Have 7 Days starting Today 2014-06-22 to Get Er Done!
Best Of Luck And Most Important! Have FUN!
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