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CraftBukkit and B-Team

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Hello, I've started a server to play with my friends, and everything was good. Then I tryed to add some Bukkit plugins. So, to do thar I needed to start the server with the CraftBukkit.Jar instead of BTeam.jar.
After doing this, Morph mod doesnt work anymore. I can kill any mob but nothing happens. The Morph menu is always empty, even my skin can't be seen there.


What do I need to do to make a B-Team server with Bukkit plugins?

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For reference, MCPC+ is essentially a version of bukkit that's capable of running mods (so it can use both the mods the B-Team has by default and normal bukkit plugins).  If you switch to craftbukkit the mods won't behave, without bukkit at all plugins won't behave, so MCPC+ is usually what people use.

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