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I think decocraft should be added! It would fit perfectly! It has lots of decorations and adds nice furniture to the game! My base is very big I have no storage because of the project red pipes mod. The furniture does not add a lot of decorations. It adds over 200 decorations and is always being updated. (cant do a list of items) Items can be placed on a angel and like a normal block. Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1994235-162164-decocraft-decorations-and-props-for-minecraft-v16/.

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Your edit still doesn't really include much information. Yes the mod itself adds a lot of decorative stuff, something I'm sure bdubs would be interested in, but your one-line description of it doesn't indicate much to why you yourself want it. What in it grabs your attention? Why would it fit the current theme of the modpack? What functionality does it offer that this modpack already doesnt? These are the types of questions I'm wondering about why you would suggest another mod to be added. Make a compelling argument for the mod, so discussion can actually happen. Just saying "add this" without reason gives no indication to what it does, why it is wanted, what it adds, etc etc.

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Hi PaulHotel,


I'm not trying to insult you or anything but by reading your edited post,I don't think that would work. 


Firstly, you're talking about your base and project red mods which is not related to the new mods or the furniture mods. So, it's off topic


Secondly, you're just replying Kalbintion question only, which shows that you're not putting any effort to it. You should try and think more questions in order to attract AoTB staff and make them add that mod into the modpack 


Again, I'm sorry if t I have insulted you in someway.

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