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Cannot load world after blackout


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If you know what is causing the problem you can just remove that addon from the server and your client. Enter the world and the server will remove all blocks from that addon.

After that just put back the addon and enter the world and replace all the missing blocks in creative mode.

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I have no clue how to know what is wrong and how it will effekt singelplayer when you remove mods.

In the first version of tekkit 1.6.4 we got problem with our server where we couldn't join the server and my gut told me it should have been Minefactory since I was building a huge fully atomated farms and biopark. So I simply removed Minefactory mod from the serverĀ  and my client and after that I could join the server again. I lost my farms and biopark but it saved the world.

Don't know if this will work on singel but make a copy of it and start to remove mods you know you use one by one untill it works again. The last one you removed should be the one causing your problem. Then just copy back the backup and just remove the last mod and that should do it. If this is a possible on singel I dont know but it works as a way to fix a broken server.

By removing I mean cut and paste the mod file/map out from the mod folder and then move them back again later.

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in tekkit folder you have a folder named "mods". In "mods" folder are all the mods.

If you for an example whant to remove the mod minefactory you move the file "minefactoryreloaded-2.7.8-482" out from "mods" folder. If you then start the game and enter the world all minefactory blocks will be removed and you cant create/build minefactory stuff. Stop the game and move back "minefactoryreloaded-2.7.8-482" to the "mods" folder and the minefactory mod will now be back when you start the game and enter the world but all the minefactory block will be gone but now you can build/create them again.

This works on a server but if it works on singel player game I dont know.

Make a copy of your world and then remove one mod you know you have used from the folder "mods" and then start the game. If you can enter then you know that mod had a broken block in your world and now are gone. If you still can't enter the world then close the game and remove another mod you have used from the "mods" folder. Do so untill you can enter again the world again. The last mod you removed will be the one that had a broken block in your world.

Now copy back the backup world and move back all mods you had removed all but the one you know caused the problem. Now enter the world and all blocks from that mod will be gone. Save and exit the game and move back the last mod and now you should have a working game again. Just enter creative mode and create all the missing blocks and you are back.

But as I have said earlier I can't promise it works on singel player game.

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