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Need help with powering pulverizer!


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I got a pulverizer, I got a stirling engine, I got some iron, I got a lever, and I got some coal.  I've tried plugging the engine into all the different sides, but it just doesn't work.  Any yes, it does have redstone power.  And no, It isn't pumping.  Here's a pic:



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To add some info:

Thermal Expansion (which the pulverizer is part of) uses RF (redstone flux) as electricity. The stirling engine is - as you can see in your pic - production MJ as electricity.

That will not work. You need to produce RF. This can be done using dynamos (steam, magmatic/lava, etc.).

Hint: If you produce RF, you do not need to produce MJ additionally for machines that only can use MJ. Using conduits from a RF-producing machine into a MJ-using machine automatically converts the RF to MJ. It just does NOT work the other way around.

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