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Steam dynamo (in 1.2.9d)


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The fact that you could run the steam dynamo with water only was a bug (or at least an unintended feature).

This is being fixed and now you need to use actual steam.

I am afraid that I am not sure how many ways you have to actually produce steam (reactors are one way, I think)

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oh sorry! 
I meant the steam turbine. 
That's it, I ran the water and she did steam. 
As it is now run? 
Tried to attach the pipe to the water - does not work 
tried to attach the pipe leading to the water tank - also does not start ... 
How to use it?
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Just to make sure.

You are talking about a active reactor (from Big Reactors) that should produce steam (and as far I understand you: it does produce steam) and now you want to know how to transfer that steam from the reactor to the steam turbine?


There are some youtube videos that might help you with that:



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Rowersword, good staging phrases! Respect)
I mean technology to create infinite electricity 
Previously, I added water to the turbine and generate electricity.
With big reactors I have not yet figured out.
You may suggest a specific video (or webpage) where it is mentioned about the technology of steam reactor without additional resources other than water?
Or maybe there's some other technology without the use of blaze rod (enderium, aluminium, yellorium, cianite, bluetonium and other rare res)?
P.s. Even Lava Fabricator does not even start. Energy and lava goes to negative values
P.p.s. And bioreactor too :awesomelon: (biogenerator got to make, but it also needs Blaze rod)
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I think I know what you're talking about. A Minefactory Reloaded steam turbine, just stick water in and you get energy?


I've heard about that. That was a bug. You're not supposed to be able to do that.


Like the galacticraft wiring bug. Except probably less likely to devour chunks of your world.

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My native language is not English, my apologies.


There is no "Perpetuum mobile" (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perpetual_motion) in Tekkit...or should not me (anymore).

The "use water in a steam turbine to get energy" bug/feature has been fixed as mentioned by ValkonX11.


The only way to produce energy is to actually construct something that allows you to semi-automate the energy harvesting.

IMHO the best way to do that is either with biofuel (using MFR and tons of animals) or with steves minecarts (harvesting trees and burn them).


Magmatic/Lava dynamos require some sort of source (usually an ender pump in the nether, where plenty of lava is available, or even in a mystcraft age) as well as reactors (ores). They, however, deliver quite some RF.


If you play singleplayer (or on a server managed by you), you can ALWAYS change the conf-files accordingly :)

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In late game, Laser Drills running on a big multi-turbine Yellorium Reactor will be self-sustaining. If the Reactor is efficient enough, the Laser Drills will get you enough Yellorium to never run out. I don't know if some of the focus colours increase Yellorium yield, but with high enough Reactor efficiency, even standard output will get you enough.


Most earlier non-interactive energy loops involve MFR farms, that is true. It might be fun for a while to set up oil processing and run Compression Dynamos on fuel. Until that Biofuel chain is running, at least.

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