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over 9000+ entities! help!

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Twice sense the server has started there have been times where someone will go into a chunk and all of a sudden lose all their frames. There will be over 9000 entities in the area. And steadily climb. I've seen it get up to 16,000 before in a matter of minutes. Any idea what could be causing this issue?!

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Tropicraft had spider queens/mothers which if left alone can spawn these kind of numbers in the tropics - I'm not sure if they still do (I've not seen them in B-Team but I haven't spent long in the tropics so they may still be in there).

The promised land can do this with pixie spawning, but I think it's mostly fixed now.  Setting the ID for pixies to 0 in biomesoplenty should disable their spawn.


You can use the command /cofh killall to remove all the loaded mobs if you go to the area where it slows down.

Like namico said it can be dropped items from the minions, /cofh killall item will remove those dropped items (if you can stay logged in long enough to do it, otherwise you'll need to use MCEdit).



What area is this in, by the way?  Is this happening in the overworld?

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