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What do I need to run the game well?


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I am running a 32bit windows 7 operating system, I have 2ghz of processor and 4gb of RAM. Whenever I go to play online I lag to the extent that it is almost impossible to enjoy the game. I tried to install optifine to it but the game woudn't run it would close after joining a server. I found out that you need to have 2gb of ram to run it but with my 32bit system I can't dedicate enough ram to run it. Is there anything I could do to run the game properly? Thanks in advance to anybody that could help me.

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Buy a new computer. With a 64-bit operating system


B-team is heavy on the world gen side, which takes its toll on the computer. I couldn't run this with my 64-bit OS win 7 laptop, so a proper tower is definitely recommended

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Laptops with standard magnetic drives really suffer on a lot of modpacks, especially on worldgen (probably due to how slow they are, a typical laptop drive is up to about 2/3rds the speed of a desktop equivalent) but if you've got enough RAM that it's not having to swap a lot it's not too bad and if you use an SSD it seems just fine - the low power processors and video cards I've used with them don't seem to have a lot of trouble unless you go down to the very low end (netbook class or UMPC with wattage under 20W - it's probably the same deal if you've got some cheap parts that aren't as power efficient).


Turn the view distance down, make sure you're not using a texture pack (and if you are, use a lower res one than the default if anything) and it'll be a little better.  You'll never stop it from crashing completely, though, it'll happen occasionally whatever you do with only a gig assigned to it.

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