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[1.0.10b] Ashlands - Semi-PvP Factions Server [Temporary Whitelist] 24/7 - Plugins

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Server Version : 1.0.10b




IP : Ashlands.mymc.io



Description :

We are a bilingual (english and french) and friendly community based in Quebec but anyone from anywhere around the world is welcome. There are factions created by players and these factions can raid or declare war on other factions (see rules for raids below). We mostly use Skype to communicate. This server is still a WIP but we are ready to welcome people in.


Raid & Faction Rules :

  • At least half of the opposite faction's players must be online for a raid to be accepted as official
  • The factions must be approximately the same strength (use common sense)
  • The staff must be warned of any upcoming raid
  • Witchery is allowed
  • Every member have 1 life during a raid, clones count as +1 life.
  • There is an undetermined time limit. When time is up, the staff will choose a winning faction or will announce a draw
  • Killing players outside their faction territory is allowed
  • Factions must have at least 2 members for them to be official
  • Griefing is only allowed on a minor scale (C4) and only during raids (breaching into a base)
  • Morph is disabled during raids
  • Stealing something during a raid and then running away is prohibited. You will be declared the losing faction
  • If a faction lose a raid, they will lose their current outpost. Be careful where you keep your items!


Plugin List

  • Essentials
  • WorldGuard
  • WorldEdit
  • Factions

P.S. We customize certain plugins to better accomodate our needs


Server Information :

  • Temporary whitelisted (60 slots)
  • Server host based in Montreal
  • PvP enabled at all times
  • No banned items
  • Hard difficulty

How to Join:

Answer these questions in a reply to this topic

  • Minecraft username?
  • Age? (there is no minimum, we only ask for maturity)
  • Do you use Skype?
  • Favorite mod?


Ranks & Staff:

  • Citizens : Newly whitelisted members
  • Herald : Veteran members, rarely given out. Have access to /sethome and VIP lobby
  • Donor (WIP) : Inherits from Heralds and can use morph
  • Architect : Very rare title awarded to trusted members that are talented at building. Can change gamemode and use WorldEdit
  • Guardian : Moderators.
  • Lord : Administrators
  • Owner : Self explanatory

Staff : Snoscope, xNovaEclipse, Colonelchip64, deathblackhand




About donations : If you enjoy playing with us, consider donating to help keeping the server running.


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Minecraft Username? AMC_TunnelRat


Age? 17.


Do you use Skype? Yes, I do, although I would rather send you my Skype username in private.


Favorite mod? Probably Flans and Witchery. Voodoo and guns baby. ;)



You have been whitelisted :)

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