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Wireless Networks With ME and Tesseracts?


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Due to my growing interest in ME networks, I have noticed a hiccup. Since everything has to be connected with cables, and the wireless access terminal is fairly short ranged, is there any way to transfer items to ME networks far away, or bring some from one far away? I'm wondering if there is some RedNet wizardry with wireless redstone to activate a precision export terminal far away connected to a tesseract, allowing me to send items long distances and possibly accross dimensions without being there to throw a lever. If there is any way to select specific items I want sent, even better. Of course, I don't want to run a cable halfway accross my Minecraft world just to access my networks from far away. Any help would be appreciated.

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The cheaper way is to connect a Logitic Pipes system to your network (a provider pipe connected to an ME interface) and add a Logistics Inventory System Connector Pipe. Just put the pipe next to an enderchest (maybe a tesseract will work, I don't know EDIT: Don't use a tesseract, they're buggy with LPs) and put the same chest to your other base with the sister inventory pipe, connected to your other network with a provider/interface

For a replacement to the ME wireless thing, see Remote Orderer Logistics Pipe with enderchest/enderpouch

Did not try this myself, will need some testing, but this should work

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Note that to access something remote, the necessary remote chunk(s) need to be loaded at the time. One way is with Dimensional Anchor http://wiki.technicpack.net/Dimensional_Anchor


My base was becoming too congested and I wanted to reoganize things since getting into ME. I found a Mystcraft age where I could get world threads from rifts, so I recently moved my DSUs and some TE machines to a DD pocket dimension connected to my main network with Quantum Network Bridge. There is a gold Dimensional Door in the pocket dimension to keep it loaded. Power in the pocket dimension is currently 6 biofuel generators fed by endertank from main base with energy cell for peak loads if the machines should need more. One DDoor from pocket connects in an upper level near my main ME terminals (including fluids) and drives, the other in basement near my MAC (assembler). The only terminal I have in the pocket dimension so far is wireless (attached to local QNB), but I can still grab things in stock from there or craft things that I already have patterns in the system for.

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