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Logistics Pipes Analog in ME?


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Hey again, I know I post a lot of stuff but I'm a total newb and I find forums are more reliable than mod spotlights. Anyway, so the logistics pipe trick with crafting pipes where you can use the satellite options and whatnot to say, smelt iron on demand? It seems very useful, and since logistics pipes is SO MUCH like Applied Energistics, is there any sort of analog to this? So I can have on demand outsourced smelting via a crafting option in my access terminal? Of course, I can do this by connecting a logistics network to my ME network and doing that, using my request pipe as a makeshift access terminal in that aspect. But, if I can do it all without leaving my access terminal, more power to me right?

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I have not used Logistics Pipes yet, but what you want sounds like a provisioning task to me. You can set up production chains for all items you regularly need and place ME Level Emitters to disable them when a desired threshold is reached. The higher-level stuff then belongs in a Molecular Assembler, which will auto-consume the materials you provisioned. Not done this myself yet, so I can't give details.

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or you can also configure external processing in your me-network


I'll stay at the excample of smelting iron.

You'll need:

- Power supply

- Redstone Furnace

- ME-Interface

- crecent hammer

- itemducts

- pattern encoder

- blank pattern


1st, power the furnace,

configure the furnace so it's taking items from the top and sending items to a side (if you have to use another side, you'll have to adjust your setup here ;))

place the interface on top of the furnace and connect it with the output-port of the furnace using the itemducts (don't forget to wrench the output side of the duct to output items)

wrench the interface so an arrow appears in the direction of the furnace.

now encode the pattern using the pattern encoder, place a piece of iron ore (or dust) in the crafting grid and place a finished iron in the crafting result and press encode.

you'll get an encoded pattern (note: you'll not be able to use it inside the mollecular assembly chamber).

instead, place it in the interface (theres a line for the patterns, it'll show you the item it'll craft then)

connect the interface to your me-network and then iron-ingots show up as craftable materials...

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LPs does EXACTLY the same as an ME network, the differences are: the cost (way cheaper), the space you need (LP does takes a huge amount of space for automating crafting (you need one pipe per craft), and the time it takes (ME networks send items immediately where they are needed, whereas the items travel inside BC pipes with an LP system). LP as something amazing: remote oderer. it's like a wireless access for a ME network, except it as unlimited range through dimensions, and it doesn't send items to you, but to a remote access pipe. You can then connect the pipe to an enderchest and carry the corresponding enderpouch with you. My advice is to mix the two mods: have an ME network with your storage (it's way more efficient than LP), and connect a provider pipe to and ME interface, with a remote access pipe and its enderchest next to it (don't forget the power junction).

Also, you don't have to use only LPs if you for a full LP system: the BC pipes can be a part of your system, just remember to put a basic logistic pipe and each intersection so the items don't get randomly sent by BC pipes and get lost

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