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Loose all my morphs when the server host crashes


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Hi All,


Not sure if this is a mod issue or something I need to enable, but I've searched and can't find anything. I've been having some issue with my server and its been randomly crashing/bsod/reboots. When I bring it back up and all my Minecraft servers, the worlds and everything are fine, but on my Attack of the B Team server I loose all my morphs, and only have the one option in the morph list (me).


Is this something I can enable to retain morphs on a crash? If I shut down the AtoBT gracefully and restart it up, all my morphs are there.


Thanks for any info,



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Retain morphs on a crash? Why would that even be a setting? No, no such thing. If you want to ensure morphs aren't lost during a crash, have a back-up of the world. Then, if the morphs are lost, you can replace them by simply copying the morph.dat file from the back-up to the new world.

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