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"Infinite" Resonant Ender


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Sooo yeah. I was using the Magma Crucible into the Fluid Transposer to fill redstone conduits. Like usual I had some left over, but not enough for a bucket. I needed it empty to make a tesserac. So I made a drum, no biggie, quick visit to the ME Crafter got me one. Pop it in there and it put the 250 redstone into it.


No Problem.


Now I Resonify that ender and BAM got me a Bucket o' Ender.


Problem: I have some left over again.


Solution: Make another drum.


Toss it into the FT and the tank side goes haywire, next thing I know the Drum has -21 MILLION in it... Yeah thats a negative sign...


But the tank has a positive 2.17 BILLION in it....


So what can one do with over 2 million buckets of ender?


I tried to recreate in SP but it wasn't working, I don't know if I clicked something just right or what. Most likely it is a server problem, it's been skechy the last few days but we did use it to see how far it would go and filled 83 buckets with ender.... It really is 2 billion.


As I'm on my lunch I will post a screenshot when I get home unless I can con someone else into it.


I think I won Tekkit :guitar:

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It's a bug with TE3 fluiducts, portable tanks, and moving less then a full tank worth of fluid.  I've been trying to figure out the exact cause so I can submit a detailed bug report too team cofh with the exact method of reproducing it.  It seems to only be a multiplayer thing atm.

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I had a somewhat similar issue using endertanks for mob essence. I was just trying to return essence from grinders at a remote auto-spawner (nothing to keep the chunk loaded) and before I knew it I received 5K buckets of essence even after changing wool color combinations on the tanks several times. I did not realize that endertanks (and enderchests) were not private unless hit with a diamond until someone toying with me opened my all white enderchest. But even after I made the dials of the endertanks private with diamonds I somehow received another 4K buckets of essence. Although, I gave 10 barrels (2560 buckets) of it to someone who needed it for auto-enchanting (she had given me a spare powersuit when I lost mine due to a network glitch).


Now I have a small ME network (with fluid cell) to collect drops and recycle mob essence from grinders in the auto-spawner in one chamber and skeleton spawner (relocated using spatial storage) with cursed earth around it in another chamber (which can make mob essence for the auto-spawner and with cursed earth spawns more than just skeletons).

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